Academic Program

R. A. Podar College of Commerce & Economics is a single faculty Commerce College. It offers academic programmes, four UG Degree Course - B. Com with Accountancy; Business Management - B. Com. Vocational Course and BMS and three PG programmes Masters in Commerce (Management) Masters in Commerce (Accountancy) and DMS.

The mission of the institution is to impart sound principles of Commerce and Trade and to develop the overall personality of students so that they can work both as leaders and team members. Towards realizing this mission, the college has set out planned strategies within the permissible curricular content and coverage. The objectives of the mission are periodically reviewed and communicated to all staff members and students.

R. A. Podar College Of Commerce (Junior College) offers higher secondary course in commerce general as well as vocational .Under general course the college offers various language options the students can choose from Marathi, Hindi, French & German. Under Vocational Course College offers Marketing & Salesmanship & Office Management.

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