1) Handbook

The Handbook provides information about the college institution. It explains the rules for admission along with examination rules. It contains the Academic Calendar and Co- curricular activity details. The handbook also provides with list of College Staff, Courses of Study and Syllabi, Prizes. It is readily available in the College Library.

2) Milestones

Milestones is an in house career publication of R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics undertaken by the Career Guidance Forum with an aim of helping students in taking well informed career decisions. The magazine covers varying career opportunities ranging from careers in commerce to out of the box careers like career as a disc jockey, available to a student post completion of 12th Standard. The magazine provides detailed information about the eligibility for any course, skills required in that career and details of institutions offering the said course. The 5th edition of Milestones, updated with all the latest available information was published in the year 2015-16 in English as well as in Marathi. Any student interested in knowing more can contact the Career Guidance Forum for the same.

3) Moneta Daily and Chronicle

Moneta Daily is a newsletter released by Moneta Team daily during the financial fest. Moneta Chronicle provides details of every activity, event, workshop etc. that happens during the three day fest. It is written and compiled by the Moneta Team and is available only during Moneta to all college students as well as participants of other colleges.n

4) Podar Pageant

Podar Pageant is the official annual magazine of the college. It comprises of the academic report, the forum reports, the list of the Academic and the Non-academic Achievers, the Photo Gallery along with the articles, poems and the paintings of the Students. The Teacher in charge for the Magazine along with a set of interested students carry out the task of making, editing, promoting and publishing of the Magazine. It is usually published in the month of January every year. It is readily available in the College Library and the Reading Hall free of cost.

5) Podar Prabodhan
(ISSN No. 2454-6739)

This is an inter-disciplinary journal focused on analysing, debating and enhancing the knowledge base, through original research related to business, economic policy, and management, legal, financial, ecology, health, and other challenges posed by innovation, regulatory changes and environmental dynamism.

6) Prospectus

The college issues two prospectus.
For : Click here
For F.Y.BMS : Click here

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