The Library of R. A. Podar College of Commerce & Economics Matunga, Mumbai-19 was established in 1941, the same year when the college came into being. The library is located on the second and third floors of the main building. Mr. P. K. Garde was the first librarian who served college library during 1942-1945. After retirement from the college, Mr Garde got opportunity to work as a librarian of Hammershield Section of the UNESCO Library. Mr. L.K.Gorey, Mr.B.V.Modgi, Mr.P.V.Ainapure and Mr .M. Ketkar, and Dr. V.V. Deshpande also served as librarians in this prestigious college. The library which started with an initial collection of few thousand books has now grown up to a rich collection of 72157 books and 2254 bound volumes of national and International periodicals. It also started subscribing to over 15000+ online journals and 220000 e-books since 2014-15.

Having established a user-friendly and conducive environment in the library, the present librarian Mr. Santosh Patil, along with his team of professionals, semiprofessional staff is managing the library effectively rendering online & offline library services to cater to the needs of its students, teachers and researchers.

We believe that the College library is the gateway to knowledge, provides a basic condition for life long learning, independent decision-making, and cultural development of the students and the teachers. Focusing upon the very important role of the library, our college Library has been growing steadily over the years.

1.   Total Collection of The Library as on 31st March 2018 :
Sr. No Item Type Titles Volumes
1. Books 
2. Subject 
3. Textbooks 
4. Periodicals (print)
: 54 (National & International)
5. E-books
: 220000+
6. Online Journals  
: 15000+
: 6000+
8. Online Database   
: 04
9. Back Volumes 
: 2586
10. CDs   
: 1441
11. Audio Cassettes 
: 75
12. Video Tapes
: 46
13. Maps  
: 211
14. Newspaper  
: 14

2.  New periodicals added during the year:

1. The Mathematics Students

2. Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society

3. Area of the Library :
1. Main Library : 5,684 sqft
2. Reading Hall : 4,930 sqft

4. Library Functioning Schedule :
1. Working days of the Library  : Monday to Saturday
2. Working Hours of the Library : 8.30am to 5.00pm. on all working days
3. From January to April : 8.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

5. Daily Turnover Of the Library :
1. Circulation Counter  : 200 Books approximately
2. Reference Section : 50 Books approximately .
3. Reading Hall : 250 students for reading

6. Seating Arrangement :
Main Library:
1. Students : 50
2. Faculty : 12
3. Researchers  : 06
Reading Hall:
4. Students : : 300 at a time

7. Collection Development :
Every year new books are added to the library collection to support teaching and learning and research.

Details of amount spent on Books, journals and electronic resources during last four years :

Library holdings


























Journals/ Periodicals









e-resources Online









News papers









Periodicals on List for 2017-18

S/N Title of Periodicals National Foreign
1 Annals of Library and Information Studies
2 Bhavan’s Journals
3 Bombay Chartered Accountant Journal
4 Business India
5 Business Today
6 Business World
7 Capital Market    
8 The Chartered Accountant
9 Competition Success Review
10 Digit                                                
11 Down to Earth                    
12 Economic and Political Weekly      
13 Employment News
14 Facts for You                                  
15 Foreign Trade Review                        
16 Corporate India           
17 Frontline
18 Harvard Business Review
19 India Today
20 Indian Journal of Finance 
21 Indian Journal of Marketing  
22 Materials Management
23 Monthly Commentary On Indian Economic Conditions                     
24 MEDC : Monthly Economic Digest             
25 Monthly Public Opinion Survey      
26 National Geographic                       
27 One India One People                   
28 Outlook
29 Outlook Money
30 PC Magazine/Maximum PC
31 PC Quest                                      
32 Poet
33 Quarterly Economic Report
34 Reader’s Digest
35 Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
36 Seminar
37 Sportstar
38 The Teenager
39 The Economist
40 The Week
41 Time
42 University News
43 Update on Indian Economy
44 Yojana
45 World Trade Research & Information Report
46 चारचौघी
47 चिञलेखा
48 भारतिय शिक्षण
49 ललित
50 लोकप्रभा
51 लोकराज्य
52 शिक्षण संक्रमण
53 साप्ताहिक सकाळ
54 नवनित (हिंदी)

International online journals for 2017-18
S/N Title of Periodicals National Foreign
1 Journal of Finance (Online + Print)
2 American Economic Review
3 Journal of Microeconomics
4 Journal of Macroeconomics
5 Journal of Economic Policy
6 Journal of Economic Perspectives
7 Journal of Economic Literature
8 Journal of Applied Economics

Online databases for 2016-17



1 The Times of India
2 The Indian Express
3 Hindustan Times
4 The economic Times
5 Business line
6 The Hindu
7 Free press
8 Financial Express
9 Business Standard
10 Loksatta (Marathi)
11 Maharashtra Times (Marathi)
12 Navbharat Times (Hindi)
13 Sunday Guardian Weekly
14 The Free Press

8. Computerization of Library :
In order to keep pace with the strides made in educational technology, library software SLIM21 has been purchased and all major activities namely Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, and Serial Control have been computerized. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and Internet facilities are made available. This year we have upgraded SLIM21 software with latest version of 3.4.0.

Computer LAN of the Library :

1. DELL Rack Server with Windows 2008 : 01
2. Librarian’s Cabin     : 01
3. Circulation Counter    : 02
4. Assistant Librarian’s Desk   : 01
5. Processing Section : 03
6. OPAC / Internet : 05
7. Research & Development Cell : 05
8. HEAD, R.& D. Cell : 01
9. Audio-Visual Room : 01
Total Machines : 20

9. Bar Coding of Library Collection :
Library collection has been completely barcoded except passive collection. A ARGOX barcode printer with latest configuration is available in the library for in-house barcoding and three scanners have been deployed for transaction purpose. Library started giving bar-coded Borrowing Tickets to the students since 2004.

10. Audio Visual Room :
The library has raised a well -structured and equipped Audio- Visual Room, where a Television Set, VCR, Laptop, LCD, CDs, Audio Cassettes, Videotapes and Tape recorders are housed. The A/V room is used by the students and teachers for their presentation, meetings etc. and also for screening of documentaries. The A/V Room accommodates 25 students at a time.

11. Self Development Cell :
Disha Counseling Centre, Mumbai is looking after the personality development and counseling work for the students. The counseling is conducted on every Thursday between 10.00 a.m. and 2.00p.m. Students are required to see the councilor on one to one basis.

12. Documentary Screening :
The group called "VISION" is actively working for the social awareness of our college students. The screening of the documentaries is done in the Audio Visual Room wherein the students and teaches are invited.


1) Home Lending : The Circulation Counter for home lending is kept open between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm. on all working days. Students, Teachers and Researchers can borrow books from this counter. Generally students are issued 02 books at a time where as researchers and teachers can borrow 10 books at a time for a period of one month.

2) References :The library staff, especially the librarian and the assistant librarian help the readers in finding out their queries. Readers are also provided with relevant documents in print and electronic form.

3) Current Awareness Service : List of content pages of the journals is given to the readers on demand. The college library subscribes e-books, e-journals, e-databases of which contents are emailed to teachers and the researchers via google group.

4) Bibliographic Service :
It is an on demand service. List of reference books and other materials is provided to the faculty and students. The list of new arrivals is also given to respective departments and the researchers.

5) OPAC and Card Catalogue : In-house and remote access to library collection is provided through Online Public Access Catalogue by 24 x 7. The library staff helps readers in browsing the computerized database through OPAC.

6) Inter- Library Loan Facility : The College Library provides inter library loan facility to its readers to cater to the additional reading needs of its readers.

Following institutions are on our list of Inter library Loan Facilities :

1. British Council Library, Fort, Mumbai
2. R.N.Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai
3. Pirn.Wellingkar Institute of Management & Research Development, Mumbai

7) Internet Facility : All the computers are internet enabled. The library has 20 computer nodes with internet connectivity where students and teachers can browse Internet and online resources. These computers are provided with CD and PEN drives. A laser printer is also provided in sharing connectivity for printout purpose. Besides students and teachers can avail internet facility at M2,M3,M9 and Language Lab in Reading Hall.

8) Photocopy Facility : Photocopy facility has been provided Readers can take photocopies of the document at the rate of Rs.1=00/ page.

9) Book Bank :For one academic year at a time, sets of books to needy students are given under the scheme of College Book bank and University Book Bank for economically backward classes.

10. Newspapers: College is also buying 11 Daily Newspapers in two sets, one for teachers and one for the students. These newspapers are kept in the Reading Hall for students and in staff common room for teachers.

Library Orientation program :Every year the library conducts Library Orientation program for new comers in order to make them aware of the library facilities available for them. In 2016-17 we had library orientation for students from 25th July 2016 to 27th July 2016 and for teachers on 18th July 2016

Book Exhibition : : Every year the college library holds the book exhibition cum sale event to have a glance at recent publications and to facilitate bulk purchase of books to enrich library collection. This has been a prominent event of our library.

Best Readers' Award :Every year the college library gives “Best Readers Of The Year Award” to the students who make the best possible use of library facilities and spend quality time in the library. The award carries a certificate and a trophy.

Following students are the recipients of this award :


Name of Students





Mr. Mihir Jain 



1st Prize

Ms. Suchitra S.Panchal



2nd Prize


Mr. Vaibhav Laddha  



1st Prize

Ms. Mrinmayee B. Gawde



2nd Prize


Mr. Atharva Vaidya  



1st Prize

Ms. Janhvi Jadhav



2nd Prize


Mr. Omkar Adate  



1st Prize

Mr. Sourav Ambavane



2nd Prize

Seating Arrangement For Research Scholars : Besides the normal seating arrangement for college students and teachers, we have also provided 06 cubicles with internet connection.

Library Finance : The funds for the library come in the form of fees from the students. Some share of grants comes from the University Grants Commissions, New Delhi, and a special allocation of funds comes from the parent body of the college, S. P. Mandali, Pune.

Statistics of library budget for last five years :

Year Degree College
UGC Grants
2013-2014 618000 50000 668000
2014-2015 618000 60000 678000
2015-2016 689000 - 689000
2016-2017 648000 - 648000
2017-2018 675664 - 675664

Grievance Redressal of the Readers:

1) Consultation with the Librarian :
Students can consult the librarian for problems related to the library and its services. The librarian will try to settle them in his capacity or forward them to the Principal of the college.

2) Suggestion Box :
A suggestion box is kept at the entrance of the library seeking valuable suggestions and recommendations from the readers. The suggestions made by them are taken up and discussed in the library committee meeting and they are implemented accordingly.

3) Advisory Committee for the Library : The Library Committee plays a vital role in enhancing and developing the library services, making suitable policies that will help the library to render its best. The committee holds two meetings every year. If required more meetings are also held.

Generally the first meeting is held in the month of July, in which Library Budget, allotment of funds to all the departments, previous year’s stock taking report and other issues related to library and its services are taken up with the permission of the chairperson of the library committee for discussion. The second meeting is held in January or the in the first week of February in which the resolutions passed in the previous meeting are followed up and reviewed. Other issues prevailing at the time are also taken up.

Members of Library Advisory Committee

S/N Name Designation Position
1. Dr. Shobana Vasudevan Principal : President
2. Shri S.Natarajan Vice- Principal : Chairman
3. Shri S. U. Patil Librarian Secretary
4. Smt. Kavita Jajoo Vice-Principal Member
5. Smt. Lata Shetty Vice-Principal Member
6. Shri Suryakant Pagare Asst. Professor Member
7. Smt. Sudarshana Saikia Asst. Professor Member
8. Shri Kapildev Indurkar Asst. Professor Member
9. Smt. Divya lalvani BMS Coordinator Member
10. Mr Sourav Ambavane Student SYBCom. Member

Library Staff :

S/n Name Position Contact Details
1 Shri Santosh Patil   Librarian Mobile No : 9969077092
Tel.: 022 - 24143350, 24143178 Extn. 43
Fax. : 24141964
Email Id :
2 Shri Anil Trikal  Junior Clerk Mobile No. 9821376523
Email Id:
3 Shri M.T. Undre Library Attendant Mobile No. 8879369269
4 Shri A.S. Tambe Library Attendant Mobile No. 9969419044
5 Shri B.B Dange Library Attendant Mobile No. 9172838670
6 Shri S. Govari  Library Attendant Mobile No. 9892470411
Email Id:
7 Shri S.S. Jadhav  Library Attendant Mobile No. 9969419348
Email Id:
8 Shri Narayan Arvikar  : Library Attendant Mobile No. 7303931459
Email Id:

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