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Only the ends justify the claims. Mere words are no objective measure of quality. The Vision and Mission of Podar College are not just existent in ink but are reflected in the students that have partaken of this institution.

It is the responsibility of an Educational Institution to give back to the society that it exists in. Podar has strived to achieve its responsibility by providing women and men that carry forward the brunt of civilization. From Podar have emanated names that have helped shape this nation’s policy, promoted its culture, lent strengthto its sports and so on. A list of names would be tantamount to boasting!

But, the College believes that in the huge machine that is Society, it is not only the Big Wheels that matter, but also the small cogs. The college takes pride in the fact that various ex-students are in important companies, or running businesses, providing employment, helping the society and carrying the Podar Vision and Mission ahead even if their names are not called out from rooftops or painted on walls.

Podarites have received recognition in across the country in the form of various awards including the Padmashri and the Padmabhushan.

But much as a mother holds a special recognition for its children, Podar has also made efforts to recognize those ex-students whose contribution has been exemplary and has done the College proud. This is undertaken through the ‘PodarRatna’ Awards, first constituted in 2010.

Podar Ratna Recipients

25 Yrs of Hiker Club Celebrations
Felicitation Of Mr. Farooq Engineer
22 May 2009
Get-togther Of Podarite 1975 batch

22 May 2009
Get-togther Of Podarite 1975 batch


Information on Manju Ganeriwala of 1975 Batch
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