Women Development Cell:

Motto of the Women Development Cell of our college: Encourage, enhance and empower

The formation of a college level Women Development Cell was made mandatory by the University of Mumbai after the Vishaka Judgment in the year 2001. In compliance of this mandate of the University, the Women Development Cell was formed in our college in the year 2001 under the Chairmanship of Prof. Manjusha R. Sawant. Since 2005 this cell is chaired by Prof Tejashree Patankar.

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Committee (2016-17):

Faculty in charge

Dr.(Smt.) Tejashree Patankar

Student Secretary

Grishma Kajbaje, 9730017838

Student Joint Secretary

Rahul Wakode

Student Treasure

Ruchika Khaire

Activities Planned for 2016-17

1st Term : Corporate Grooming Seminar
Cyber Crime against Women

2nd Term : NGO Visit
“Too much Feminism”

Event 1- Inauguration of Sanitary Vending Machine and Incinerator
DATE- 5th August 2015
VENUE- Ladies Common Room
On 5th august 2015 at 10.30am the Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerator was inaugurated by Vice Principal Mrs Kavita Jagoo. The students were then explained the importance of the correct use of the machine and the vice principal then demonstrated on how the machine works. Miss PradhnyaN demonstrated the use of the incinerator. R APodar College is the first college in Mumbai to install both a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and the Incinerator. The Vice Principal then explained to all the female students the aim behind installing these machines is to inculcate a greener, hygienic and sustainable way of life among the students.

Event 2- Posters for creating awareness among girls in college
Posters were put up in the college as a part of creating awareness among the girls. The posters aimed at creating awareness about the Women Development Cell. Posters on sexual harassment of women were put up in the Ladies Common Room as a part of the same.

Event 3- Zonal level workshop on ‘Implementation of the Sexual Harassment At Workplace Act, 2013’ (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal)
Date: 27th & 28th August 2015
Venue: Auditorium & G1
The Women Development Cell of R A Podar College of Commerce and Economics in association with the Women Development cell,University of Mumbai jointly organised a Zonal Level workshop on the implementation of the "Sexual Harassment Of Women at Workplace( Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 "and issues related in implementing it on 27th August 2015.The event was inaugurated by the honorable Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University Dr Sanjay Deshmukh. The primary objective of this training workshop was to acquaint the participant teachers with details on the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and it's implementation procedure. The speakers for the event were Dr Sharda, Director, Population First, Advocate Ms Neha Kabir an activist belonging to the Human Rights Law Network and Dr Kranti Jejurkar, Chairperson, University Women Development Cell. This event witnessed a participation of over 35 different professors from colleges across Mumbai.

Event 4- A talk on “Empowering Oneself to Achieve Success in Society”
Date: 10th December 2015
Venue: G1
On 10th December 2015, the Women Development Cell organized an event "Chemistry behind empowering oneself towards success in society", which was presided over by Ms Manju Ganeriwala. She has held various important positions in the state of Virginia, United States of America and she is currently the Treasurer of the state of Virginia. The event started by an opening address by the Women Development Cell chairperson Mrs. Tejashree Patankar who further elaborate about the accomplishments of Ms. Manju Ganeriwala,then our principal Dr Mrs Shobana Vasudevan spoke a few words of appreciation thanking our guest for taking out time for the event, and handing over a momento as a token of appreciation. The podium was taken over by Ms Manju Ganeriwala, she spoke about how an individual can empower themselves rather than waiting for something to do the same. The various C's like conviction, courage, commitment, communication were the points further explained by her. After having talked about her way up the ladder of success, the students and Ms Ganeriwala had an interactive question and answer session. The students asked questions ranging from cultural difference in the two countries to family. After the session was over Ms PradnyaNadkarni gave a vote of thanks to our guest for the day.

Event 5- Posters for raising awareness about bathroom etiquettes.
Date: 12th January 2016
Venue: Ladies Common Room
The members of the Women Development Cell prepared posters about good bathroom etiquettes and these posters were put up in the ladies washroom and the ladies common room of the college.

Event 6- Poster making competition and 'Reveal your collections' events, co organized by Hobby Circle and Women's Development Cell.
Date: 27th January 2016
Venue: Auditorium
In the exhibition event, the participants can display their interesting collections in the college premises. In poster making competition, the theme is 'MODERN WOMAN'.

Event 7- Inter College Hygiene Programme
Proposed Plan

  • WDC members shall visit 5 BMC schools around Podar College on 8th and 9th Feb, 2016 and brief students on Women Hygiene and Safety.
  • The activities covered under this programme are: showing documentary film ‘Maitri’ which is on menstruation cycle and its hygiene for the girls of standard 5th to 7th.
  • For boys and girls of standard 8th and 9th a topic will be given to enact a skit.
  • Topics for the skit plays are as follows:
    • Creating values and respect of every age
    • Women safety and security
    • Personal hygiene
    • Molestation (precautions and protection tips to girls)
  • Every session will last for 2 hours.


Faculty in charge

Tejashree Patankar


Ashna Wadhawan

Joint Secretary

Rahul Wakode
Rishabh Ruia


Vrushali Hatangadi

Activities conducted during the year 2014-15:

DATE :12TH AUG, 2014
The program started with a presentation by the Secretary of WDC for 2014-15, Ruchi Shenoy on, “What is WDC?” and its importance and role in Colleges, and the introduction of Committee members of WDC of the Academic year 2014-15. The Joint Secretary then showed a glimpse of the past activities conducted by WDC which included the WDC fest as well. The event experienced a crowd of more than 120 students & about 10 teachers, Principal & Vice- Principal, two members of Associated NGO- ARMMAN.

The Professor-in-charge of WDC, Prof Tejashri Patankar, welcomed the Committee members with a bouquet. This was followed by an enlightening speech by the Principal of R.A.Podar College, (Prof) Dr Shobana Vasudevan on the topic ‘Women of Strength’. After the Speech, Prof Tejashri Patankar explained the students the procedure on how to lodge a complaint to the WDC in case of any harassment they experience/witness.

The event was graced by the members of ARMMAN (The Associated NGO) who showed the students a presentation on “What is ARMMAN?” What are the projects of ARMMAN for the betterment of ladies from the rural as well as urban areas and how they help women? They shared their experience on how women face problems during pregnancy & how we can help those ladies. Miss Disha, from ARMMAN explained to us how the students can help in spreading awareness, for examples by conducting street plays, flash mob etc. Many students showed their willingness to work for the good cause and registered themselves with WDC. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. Chanda Kathuria.

Posters were put up in the college as a part of creating awareness among the girls. The posters aimed at creating awareness about the Women Development Cell. Posters on sexual harassment of women were put up in the Ladies Common Room as a part of the same.

DATE : 10TH DEC, 2014
On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, students and teachers from colleges in and around Matunga, namely R.A.Podar College, Dr. Ambedkar College, SIWS College, Khalsa College conducted a rally to spread the importance of Women and their rights. The participants then gathered in Podar College where skit was organized by the committee members of Women Development Cell of Podar College. The program began with the ‘Ganesha Aarti’ and a welcome note by the Secretary of WDC of Podar College, i.e.: Ruchi Shenoy. The Principal of Podar College, Dr. Mrs. Shobana Vasudevan welcomed the guests with a bouquet and addressed the audience on importance of women in the society. There were various eye opening skits performed by students of Dr. Ambedkar College, SIWS College and R.A.Podar College on issues faced by women in the Society. This event witnessed a crowd of about 200 students from the colleges in the vicinity. The program ended with a vote of thanks by a committee member of WDC of Podar College, Ashna Wadhawan.

DATE : 13TH DEC, 2014
On the 13th of Dec, 2014, R.A.Podar College organized a self-defence training session in association with the Fire and Security Association of India. The theme for the event was ‘Feel Safe’. The Principal of R.A.Podar College Dr. Mrs. Shobana Vasudevan welcomed the Members of FSAI and the trainer Mr. Rajesh Shirke. The program was divided into three sessions, the first session was an interactive one that stated the reasons why women become victims and the ways to avoid being one. After a tea break, the second session started which was a practical session, where Mr. Rajesh Shirke and his two professional accompanists demonstrated the techniques to be used while in danger. The third session was about First Aid to be provided by the lay people to the victim in case there is an emergency and the ambulance doesn't reach on time. There were about 50 students present for the event. The event ended with a vote of thanks by the Chairperson of WDC, Prof. Mrs. Tejashri Patankar.

DATE : 28TH DEC, 2014
A unique Sunday was spent by the First year junior college students and NSS volunteers of R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Matunga by conducting an informative and very unique workshop on street plays by ARMMAN, an NGO. The workshop was started by the delegates of ARMMAN (Advancing Reduction in Mortality and Morbidity of Mother, children and neonates) and Prof. Chanda Kathuria at 10:30. Information was given briefly by Miss. Shubhangi and Mr. Mandar on the founding of ARMMAN and projects related to the NGO. A project called “Mmitra” is a voice message service on mobile phone for urban poor pregnant women in their local language to take the required care and precautions during pregnancy to ensure good health of mothers and their babies.

After this informative session, we proceeded with the workshop with Mr. Rajesh and Mr. Siddhivinayak by conducting some interesting games through which we formed groups. Every group was given a different topic to form a street play of 2-5 mins slot in fifteen minutes. Important tips and interesting songs were taught to us by Mr. Rajesh to attract the crowd while performing the street play. A demo street play was performed by the students which included the important aspects of street play such as calling, acting, voice modulation, conclusion and unique ways to end the street play on “Mmitra”.

In this way, we accomplished an informative but still a very different workshop from others. The FYJC students and NSS Volunteers of R.A.Podar College joined hands for another social cause called “Mmitra” with “ARMMAN” NGO.


Faculty- in Charge

Ms. Tejashree Patankar


Ruchi Shenoy

Joint Secretary

Vineet Shah & Sanket Srinivasan


Ashna Wadhwan



Mrs. Tejashree Patankar


Renu R Nair

Joint Secretary

Pallavi Raju Ambokar


Abhaya Arvind Kamble


Venue: Ravidra Natya Mandir

The Mumbai Police had organized a programme creating awareness about the problems faced by women and the ways of empowering women in today’s world which witnessed the participation of over 50 girls from R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics. Dramas were presented to help understand the ways by which women can protect themselves. The event was attended by the Mumbai Police Commissioner who presented his views on the issue and explained the techniques for self-defense of women which can be used during any dangerous situation.


Posters were put up in the college as a part of creating awareness among the girls. The posters aimed at creating awareness about the Women Development Cell. Posters on sexual harassment of women were put up in the Ladies Common Room as a part of the same.


Posters were put up in the Ladies Common Room by the Women Development Cell and Hygiene Brigade on judicious use of electricity, proper use of the available facilities, use of dustbin etc. Awareness was created among the girls on personal hygiene and cleanliness.


A research was conducted on the different rights available for women. The information collected was spread among girls so as to make them aware of the rights which they can avail. Lack of awareness is the main reason for the problems faced by women and hence raising awareness about the rights of women is key to empowerment of women.

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