Class Subject Topic File Name/ Weblink
F.Y.Bcom Business Communication Sem 1 Sample Question Paper Business Communication Sem 1- Sample question paper
Business Communication Sem 1 Notes Business Communication Sem 1- Sample Notes
EVS Environment and Ecosystem Environment and Ecosystem
Mathematics Maths sites.google.com/site/meramaths
Commerce E Banking ebankingsemII
Business Communication Business Ethics Business Ethics-FY
Business Communication Notes for semester 2 Notes for semester 2
Business Communication Barriers to Communication Chapter-IV Barriers
Business Communication Listening Chapter V Listening
Business Communication Listening Business Communication-II (Semester-II) Question Bank
S.Y.B.Com Journalism Journalism Notes-Sem III Journalism Notes-Sem III
Foundation Course-III Environmental Concerns Environmental Concerns
Foundation Course-III Constitutional Provisions and Laws Constitutional Provisions and Laws
Foundation Course-III Development of Science Development of Science
Business Law I Consideration and Capacity Consideration and Capacity
Business Law I Offer and acceptance Offer and acceptance
Business Law I Free Consent, Lawful Object, Void Agreements Free Consent, Lawful Object, Void Agreements
Business Law IPR Intellectual Property Rights
Business Law Competition Act 2002 Competition Act 2002
Business Law Consumer Protection Act Consumer Protection Act 1986
Business Law LLB Act 2008 LLB Act 2008
Business Law LLB- Genesis LLB- Genesis
Business Law Indian Partnership Act 1932 Partnership Act 1932
Business Law Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
Business Economics-III Economy in the short run AD-AS
Business Economics-III Money Supply Money Supply
Business Economics-III IS-LM Model IS-LM Model
Business Economics-III Keynes' Liquidity Preference Theory Keynes' Liquidity Preference Theory
Business Economics-III Acceleration Principle Acceleration Principle
Business Economics-III Super Multiplier Super Multiplier
Commerce Introduction to Management Introduction to Management
Commerce Production Planning and Control Commerce Sem IV Production Planning and Control
Commerce Organising and Organisation Structure Organising ppt_sybcomsemIII
Commerce Introduction to Planning Planning
Commerce Introduction to Production Management Ppt on production management_semIV
Commerce Total Quality Management SYBcom total quality management
Journalism Notes for Journalism Semester 4 Notes for Journalism Semester 4
T.Y.B.Com Mass Communication Mass communication Sem III notes Mass communication Sem III notes
M.H.R.M. H.R.M.- Unit-I HRM Unit 1TYBCom
H.R.M.- Unit-II Production Planning and Control HRP Unit 2TYBCom
H.R.M.- Unit-III Organising and Organisation Structure HRD Unit3TYBCom
M.H.R.M. H.R.M.- Performance Appraisal HRM Performance Appraisal TYBCom
Accountancy Comparative Analysis of Companies Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
Cipla Ltd
Tata Consultancy Service
Vedanta Ltd
Business Economics-V Liquidity and Profitability of Commercial Banks Liquidity and Profitability of Commercial Banks
Business Economics-V Introduction to Public Finance Introduction to Public Finance
Business Economics-V Principle of Maximum Social Advantage Principle of Maximum Social Advantage<
Business Economics-V Private and Public Finance Private and Public Finance
Business Economics-V Public Debt Public Debt
F.Y.BMS BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Upward and Downward Communication BC FY BMS
FOUNDATION COURSE-II Understanding Stress and Conflicts FC-II FY BMS
S.Y.BMS RURAL MARKETING Rural Distribution Process RM SY BMS(Marketing)
ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Organizational behavior and Human Resource Management OB&HRM SY BMS (Marketing)
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