Remedial and Intensive Coaching

At R.A.Podar, the students are from diverse backgrounds and bringsa myriad of perspectives to the institution. The college believes in giving everyone the opportunities to perform at par. The college has taken measures to ensure that such opportunities are provided to every single student of the institution.
At Podar, with the Remedial Lectures and Intensive Coaching, the teachers travel the extra mile to help academically weak students to do better and give them the extra attention that they deserve. The college conducts remedial lectures after hours so as to not upset the students’ current lectures while covering their backlog.

The Remedial Coaching under the U.G.C. Scheme conducts the following activities:

(A) Bridge Courses:
The College has Bridge courses in the subjects of
(1) English
(2) Accountancy and
(3) Mathematics

Bridge courses are conducted for students taking fresh admissions in F.Y. BCOM. Students, who scored less marks in the above-mentioned subjects, are identified during the admission process and they are asked to attend the basic bridge courses. They are specially designed so that the students can easily understand the basic concepts in these subjects.

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(B) Remedial lectures and Intensive coaching.
The college has remedial coaching for the academically weak. Special timetables are prepared for the Remedial lectures. These are conducted from 11.30 to 12.30 pm in the college premises by the teachers.

(C) Communicative English Course:
This course is aimed at enhancing the self-confidence of the academically weak. This UGC add-on programmes enriches the capabilities of the students to communicate freely in English. This is offered free of cost such that the benefit reaches the group which needs it the most. This course is conducted in the well-equipped Language Lab of the college.

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