Planning Forum and Economics Association

One of the oldest associations of the college, The Planning Forum and Economics Association aims to create a dialogue and discussion on various topics ranging from finance, economics and governance within the country to stimulate the minds of the students and promote better understanding of various issues among them

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Commitee (2018-19):

Faculty Incharge

Mrs. Sudarshana Saikia

Student Secretary

Renuka Barsila

Student Joint Secretary

Smruti Samant

Student Treasurer

Shubha Joshi

Activities Planned for 2018-19

Essay Writing Competition
Mock Parliament

Commitee (2017-18):

Faculty Incharge

Mrs Karishma Khadiwala 

Student Secretary

Arya Gadagkar

Student Joint Secretary

Awani Jadhav

Student Treasurer

Payal Deshmukh

Activities Planned for 2017-18

1st Term :
1. CGSI 
2. MUN
3. Guest lectures 
4. Management games

2nd Term :
5. Quiz 
6. Mock parliament 
7. Management Games 

Annual Report 2017-18 of Planning Forum.

Commitee (2016-17):

Faculty Incharge

Mrs Karishma Khadiwala 

Student Secretary

Janvi Vinchhi 
Mobile: 9987132460

Student Joint Secretary

Mihir Jain

Student Treasurer

Jatin Parekh, Rivaa Ranka

Executive Member

Hamsika Gopalakrishnan
Awani Jadhav 
Payal Deshmukh 
Arya Gadagkar
Ayushi Thakker

Annual Report 2016-17

The aim and objective of the Planning Forum and Economics Association is to enlighten students on economic matters.

Initiative of the year:

Enhance the leadership and management skills of students along with economic skills.
A new event called ‘Management Maestro’ was introduced for the students of Podar. The event was held on 6th August 2016. A total of 35 participants from Junior College, B. Com and BMS participated in the event. The event consisted of two rounds. The first one was ‘Rhyme Time’ in which participants were divided into 5 groups. The second was ‘Management Maestro’. In this round, each team member was assigned a particular managerial position like Production Manager, Cost Manager, etc. The team then had to make a bag out of the materials provided, and ultimately sell it. The judge for the event was Mrs. Karishma Khadiwala.

The first ever edition of the Metatron MUN organised by the Planning Forum and Economics Association of R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics was held on 3rd December 2016. Principal Dr. Shobana Vasudevan addressed the participants in the opening ceremony. The Student Secretary General, Mr. Sparsh Shah, then declared the MUN open. There were 3 committees in the MUN and each committee was given one topic:

• UNODC - Control of Narco Terrorism and Guerillas of the Medellin Cartel.
• UNSC - Curbing the rise of Extremist Forces in the Middle East.
• UNHRC - Upliftment of LGBT with emphasis on their rights.

The MUN was divided into 2 technical sessions. The Closing Ceremony began at 5:30 pm and various awards viz. Best Delegate, Special Mention and High Commendation were given to the winners by the Executive Board. The Board was then felicitated by Junior College Professor, Mrs. Rose John.

Activities conducted during the year 2015-16:

Movie Screening :
1) Our first event for the year was a movie screening of the movie – ‘Barbarians at the gate’ was organised on the 19th of July, 2015. Based on the buyout of RJR Nebisco, by venture capitalist firm KKR. This movie has been rated among the ‘Top 10 Business Movies Ever’ by Forbes Magazine.
This movie provides an insight into world of corporate buyouts and boardroom politics.
This event saw a participation of over 50 students from across Junior College, BMS and Degree College.
The screening was followed by a discussion on the movie amongst the students on what parallels can be drawn from the movie in today’s corporate world.
The aim of the movie was the give the students a realistic perspective, as to what really goes on behind the scenes in large corporate and business conglomerates.

2) Our second movie screening took place on 7th November, 2015.The movie screened was the much acclaimed ‘Wall Street’. The film tells the story of Bud Fox, a young stockbroker who becomes involved with Gordon Gekko , a wealthy, unscrupulous corporate raider. This screening was attended by over 40 students.
The motive behind screening this movie was to highlight the various aspects of the Wall Street.

3) Our final movie screening for the year was the movie ‘Apollo 13’ based o n the true story of the failed venture of NASA’s spacecraft Apollo 13.this screening was conducted on the 9th January,2016.
The movie carries the tag line – ‘Failure is not an option’.
The motive behind screening this movie was to exemplify and highlight Crisis Management

Mock Parliament :
Modelled on the real Lok Sabha, we tried to create our own parliamentary setup within college. This event took place on the 12th of September, 2015.
We witnessed a participation of over 60 students. The participants were divided into 2 groups (The Treasury benches and the opposition).
Three different sessions were conducted to deliberate over three different bills.
The Members of the house discussed and voted on three bills, namely:
Session 1:
The Prevention of Black Money Bill
Winner: Mr. Eshan Vaidya (FYJC)

Session 2:
The Juvenile Justice Bill
Winner: Mr. Utsav Sejpal (TYBCom)

Session 3:
The Land Acquisition Bill
Winner: Mr.Ram Keshwala, Ms.Renuka Barsila (SYBCom)

The sessions were judged by Mr. Pranav Advani.
The sessions lasted for over almost 2 hours each, witnessing gruelling debates, discussions and negotiations.
The final session concluded with an address by the Hon. Speaker of the House Mr. Pranav Advani, where he highlighted the finer aspects of the participants oratory skills which was followed by declaration of the winners from each session.
The motive behind hosting a Mock Parliament was the give the participants a real feel of how parliament functions, how parliamentary discussions take place and how bills are passed.

Juno’s Quest:
A quiz with a twist, Juno’s Quest encompassed the entire spectrum of Brands, their logos, and their founders with multiple different innovative rounds. The quiz was conducted in 8 different rounds.
These rounds included various activities like – Solving Alpha triangles, Deciphering logos and slogans of different companies, Taboo, Pictionary among others. The event took place on the 30th of January, 2016.
This event witnessed a thunderous participation of over 45 students.
All in all the various events of the forum were a success witnessing a large and enthusiastic participation from the students.

Commitee (2015-16):

Faculty Incharge

Dr. Vinita Pimpale

Student Secretary

Shyam Datye (TYBCom)

Student Joint Secretary

Utsav Sejpal (TYBCom)

Student Treasurer

Dakshil Patel (SYBCom)

Executive Member

Aditya Rathod (TYBCom)
Shagun Sharma (SYBCom)
Sanjana Kumar (SYBCom)
Mihir Jain (FYBCom)

Activities conducted during 2014-15 :

The Planning Forum and Economics Association, the oldest forum of the College has always strived to make the students of R.A. Podar College understand the importance of Economics, Parliamentary Affairs and basic Business knowledge. Through our flagship events, we strive to make every Podarite, right from F.Y.J.C to T.Y.B.Com. Understand the above mentioned themes on the basis of which we make our events. The following were the events conducted during the Academic Year 2014-15:

1.The Mock Parliament:
The Mock Parliament was the flagship event of the Planning Forum. An event in which our very own Podarites become members of LokSabha representing their own political parties, we tried to ensure that a fulfilling parliamentary session was conducted. (Yes, the Speaker did have to signal the house to maintain cordial relations with other members of the House) Right from the creation of small states to the Jan DhanYojana to a uniform civil code, our Podarites discussed them all! We even had members from the audience asking questions to our very own "Politicians" who understood the pains and burdens of being an elected member. The wonderful discussions on the various problems plaguing our country made this event our "Flagship" event for Academic Year 2014-15. 2.Movie Screenings:
Sometimes, the best way to understand something is if you watch it as a movie. We, at the Planning Forum, believe in the same and will organize movie screenings for informative films such as "The Inside Job", a film on the financial crisis of 2008.

The Mock Parliament : The Winter Session
After the phenomenal success of the "Summer" session of the Mock Parliament and on popular demand from all the contestants, we organized a second session of the Mock Parliament. The quest for finding the best parliamentarian from the college continues!

Thus, such has been our eventful year at the Planning Forum. We have always strived to deliver to the expectations of our wonderful contestants and have tried to keep the mast of our wonderful institution always high.

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