Planning Forum and Economics Association

One of the oldest associations of the college, The Planning Forum and Economics Association aims to create a dialogue and discussion on various topics ranging from finance, economics and governance within the country to stimulate the minds of the students and promote better understanding of various issues among them

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Commitee (2019-20):

Faculty Incharge

Ms. Sudarshana Saikia

Student Secretary

Smruti Samant

Student Joint Secretary

Sneha Semaleesan, Vaishnavi Rao

Student Treasurer

Aditi Bhabhe

Activities Planned for 2019-20

1st Term :

1. Mock Parliament – Students from junior college as well as degree college take part in a mock discussion pertaining to a certain bill. Degree college students are also selected to represent our college at Intercollegiate Youth Parliament.
2. Essay Writing Competition – Participants are asked to write an essay on one among several topics related to economics/current affairs.
3. MUN (Model United Nations) – An educational simulation in which students represent organs or committees of the UN and discuss rising issues.
4. Know Your Economy

2nd Term :

1. Seminars & Guest Lectures – Seminars on economics given by professionals in the field which help students understand practical aspects of concepts.
2. TEDx

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