Placement Cell


R.A. Podar College works tirelessly to help students to exploit their potential to the fullest during their College years.

The Placement Cell of the college is truly a forum 'of the students, by the students and for the students'.

It is operated by students of the College under the aegis of its chairperson to provide Podarites with jobs of their choice and helping them develop their talents even after they leave the College.

It establishes a link between the students and the recruiters, enabling recruiters to recruit the best and brightest of the students that the College has to offer.

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We believe that- "Our success lies in your success".

The Placement Cell works with a single-minded determination to make the recruitment process easier for both the students and the recruiters and to ensure the best results for both.


1. Articleship Placements for CA interns

2. Job Placements for the final year students (in the month of December)

3. Internships for students of all years

The Placement Cell also organizes various workshops specially designed to assist newcomers in developing and applying their skills to find the right job that meets their needs.

1. Resume Building Workshop: To help students to transform their resume into a powerful tool that will get them interviews.

2. Mock Group Discussion Round: To assist students in developing various skills essentially required to become a successful professional.

3. Mock Interview Sessions: To guide students in improving their interviewing skills and getting feedback to prepare for professional interviews.

Activities Planned for 2017-18

1st Term:
June ‘17 – October ‘17

1.Registration of Students
2.Placement Awareness Session
3.Training session for students
4.Resume building workshop for students.
5.First Articleship Week in July ‘17

2nd Term:
November ‘17 – April ‘18

1.Group Discussion training.
2.First Placement Week in November 2017
3.Second Articleship Week in January 2018.
4.Second Placement Week in February 2018.

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Sudarshana Saikia



Nikita Naik

Student Secretary


Shivani Khale

( Joint Secretary – B.Com)


Siddesh Sawant

(Joint Secretary – B.M.S)


Shardul Chavan Student Treasurer


Srinath Radhakrihnan

Student Representative


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