Associate NCC Officer: Capt. Madhav Gavande

Report: 2015-16

The NCC started the year with 52 cadets. The first event organized by NCC was the 15thAugust parade. Dr. (Mrs.) Shobana Vasudevan (Principal) and Capt.M.B.Gavande hoisted the National flag. The parade commander was SUOAshutosh M. Gavande.

The following are the camps attended by the NCC cadets during the year.

Annual Training Camps Neral and Ghatkopar.
15 Cadets from the College attended various ATC camps held at Fulpada, Virar and Home guards Training Centre, Ghatkopar.

Foot Ball Camp held at Nagpur.
In Senior group Cpl. Kanhay R. Kubal, Cdt. Rahul R. Wakode and Cdt. Rohit K. Bhise attendedFoot Ball Campand in junior group Cdt . Soham A. Ashtikar and Bhavya Shah attendedFoot Ball Camp at Inter-Group Football Directorate level tournament held at Nagpur. These two teams represented Mumbai A Group. The both teams were champion at the said tournaments.

Treking Camp Kolhapur Batch II
Suo. Ashutosh M. Gavande, Juo. Shardul S.Bandabe, Juo. Shubham S. Shinde, Cqms. BhaveshP. Bavdane, Sgt. Shubham A. Kumbhar, Cpl.Ramesh J. Bhavdhane, and Cdt. Rushikesh M. Wathorefrom our College attended Trekking Camp Batch II held at Kolhapur on 30th November to 8th December 2015.

Army attachment Camp ( Maratha Light Infantry, Aundh, Pune )
Sgt. Sumant R.More, Cpl. Akash S. Honmane, Cpl. Harshad M. Mirgal, Cdt. Atul R. Bagade,Cdt. Nitin R. Bali, Cdt. Shriram C. Bhabad and Cdt. Pravin P. Shinde from our college attended Army attachment Camp held 2 Maratha Light Infantry, Aundh, Pune during 4th January to 18th January 2016. Maj. M.B. Gavande had also participated in the camp in the capacity of Associate NCC officer.
The NCC Cadet also gave their support to so many College activities like escort for Chief Guest, Blood donation, Gauri &Ganesh visarjan and help to conduct the Health & physical Education practical Examination.

The NCC unit, R.A.Podar College recommended names of the following Cadets for the Best NCC Cadets Award for the year 2015-16.

A)First Year Best Cadets ( Boys)
1) First Best Cadet : - Cdt. Soham Atul Astivkar ( FYJC – A 005 )
2) Second Best Cadet : - Cdt. Gaikar Ritesh Arun ( SYJC – A 043 )
2) Second Best Cadet : - Cdt. Kamble Siddhant Sunil ( FYJC – A 119 )
B)Second Year Best Cadets ( Boys)
1) First Best Cadet : - . Kanhay Rajan Kubal (SYBCom.- F 595)
2) Second Best Cadet : - Cdt. Sumant Rohidas More ( SYJC – B 123 )
2) Second Best Cadet : - Cdt. Honmane Akash ( FYBCom – C 246 )

C)Third Year Best Cadets ( Boys)
1) First Best Cadet (Jointly) : - SUO. Ashutosh Madhav Gavande (FYBCom-B 197 )
1) First Best Cadet (Jointly) : - JUO. Shardul Sunil Bandabe (FYBCom-A 036)
2) Second Best Cadet (Jointly) : - JUO. Shubham Sunil Shinde ( FYBCom-G 722)
2) Second Best Cadet (Jointly) : - CQMS Bavdane Bhavesh Prakash ( FYBCom-043)

A) ) First Year Best Cadets (Girls)
1) First Best Cadet : - Cdt. Vedika Dilip Jogle (FYJC- A 101)
2) Second Best Cadet : - Cdt. Pradnya Jaydeep Pashte (FYJC-B 188 )

B) Third Year Best Cadets (Girls)
1) First Best Cadet : - Mayuri Sanjay Sonkamble (TYBCom. E-571)

Accomplishment of NCC officer: Capt.M.B. Gavande successfully completed Refresher Course Senior Division Part II/ 115, held at Officer’s Training Academy, Kamptee, Nagpur from 29th March to 28th April, 2015and awarded with Major Rank with effect from 29th April 2015.

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