Podar nature club was established to promote the environmental awareness among the students which extends beyond classroom knowledge. The main objective of the forum is to inculcate the environmental ethics in the mind and souls of the young students transforming them into a responsible citizen. Conservation of resources, understanding the Ecological problems and taking a step ahead to do something for the environment is the need of the hour which can be effectively spread across the society through youth. Thus NATURE CLUB of R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics provides a platform to learn and exhibit the talent and novel ideas to improve and protect our Mother Earth.

Commitee Member 2018-19

Teachers In Charge

Kapildeo Indurkar / Pradnya Nadkarni

Student Secretary

Siddhant More

Student Joint Secretary

Sagar Bandagale
Amita Phale
Yogesh Raut
Tejas Kshirsagar


Surabhi Hindlekar

Activities Planned for 2018-19

Semester I:
E-waste Management
Tetra Pack Management
Compost Pit
Campus Cleaning Awareness
Beach Clean Up Drive
Workshop on recycled paper making
One day visit to theme-based Nature Park

Semester II:
E-waste Management
Tetra Pack Management
Compost Pit
Campus Cleaning Awareness
Beach Clean Up Drive
Seminar/workshop on substitute to plastic
Fuel conservation initiative
Overnight nature trail

Commitee Member 2017-18

Teachers In Charge

Kapildeo Indurkar

Student Secretary

Nidhi Makwana
Email id:nidhimakwana73@gmail.com
Contact: 8976872131

Student Joint Secretary

Tejal Mane
Ashlesha Satamkar


Viraj Palkar

Activities Planned for 2017-18

1st term:
Paper making seminar
Nature trail to Maharashtra Nature Park
Beach clean-up drive
Movie screening

2ndterm: Nature trail/> Visit to National Park
Outstation environment trip
Compost pit

Annual Report 2017-18 of Podar Nature Club.

Activities conducted during the year 2016-17:

1.Tree Plantation
Date: 7-07-2016
Place: Bharanpur, near palghar
On the occasion of “Van Mahotsav” the Nature Club Members along with the NSS unit our college went to Bharanpur our college adopted village for planting trees.We planted a total of around 20-30 saplings of various kind. The main purpose of this activity was spread awareness on the importance of tree plantation.

2. Meeting:
Date: 19-7-2016
A Nature Club meeting was conducted in f-4 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30a.m during which the volunteers were briefed about Nature Club Activity schedule for the year and upcoming activities were discussed.

3. Keshav Shushti:
No of volunteers:28
It is said that the earth has music for those who listen and it never fails to offer them with utmost beauty. Like many other trips organized by the nature club, the recent trip too served as a lynchpin connecting today’s dynamic generation to the exquisite greens of Keshav Srushti that has set its roots in Uttan village.
Upon reaching, the members of Nature Club were escorted by a guide across the 200 acres’ lush green campus that showcased rare species of herbal and botanical plants. Some of the attractions included apiculture- knowing the beekeeping and importance of honey, vermicomposting & learning concept of Vermiwash,Biogas plant, visiting the Gaushala (the cow shed), learning about a variety of medicinal plants and vegetable cultivation.
The students also participated in various activities such as treasure hunt and paper making workshop. We were educated about importance of nature and the “hot” topic of world importance of ‘Eco Friendly Environment’.
Being around our “mother” nature gave us the opportunity to understand our environment inside and out. With the leaves myriad of colours and the water flowing quietly, one could really see how peaceful the undisturbed carrying natural beauty of the place was and it made each one of us ponder what other stunning and serene places were destroyed in order to build the culture we live in. Being away from the routine of everyday life and getting to experience nothing but nature is something that we would love doing and will continue to do our bit together.

4. Movie Screening:
Date: 02-9-2016
No of volunteers: 16
The Podar Nature Club presented a marvellous and adventurous movie named Ace Ventura Nature Calls for all its forum members in G1. The movie showcased a man named Ace Ventura as a pet detective and how he returned from a spiritual quest to investigate the disappearance of rare animals. The basic aim of this movie screening was to make students understand the value of nature and its components. Overall it was a humorous movie ad was enjoyed by all the students.

5. Sandhan Valley:
Date: 6th and 7th Dec 2016
No of volunteers: 36
An amazing experience in the lush green meadows a day out of the busy monotonous routine helping us not only rejuvenate, reboot but also unwind and make new friends.
The activities and arrangements for the same well managed and coordinated by the people in charge leave absolutely no space and room for any sort of complaint or dissatisfaction. The phenomenal tent spot pulling over a blanket of starts giving us a glimpse of the constellations was a starling experience.

Commitee Member 2016-17

Teachers In Charge

Kapildeo Indurkar, Pradnya Nadkarni

Student Secretary

Abhishek Pratap Singh
Email id:abhishekpratap95@gmail.com
Contact: 7024144858

Joint Secretary

Emelia D`penha
Email id:edpenha.69@gmail.com
Contact: 9769609601


Nidhi Makwana
Email id:nidhimakwana73@gmail.com
Contact: 8976872131

Executive Members

Rivaa Ranka
Jatin Parekh
Tejal Mane

Activities conducted during the year 2015-16

1. Taraporevala aquarium visit
Date: 26th of August, 15
Place: Marine lines, Mumbai
No. of volunteers: 30
On 26th of August 15, 30 volunteers from the Nature`s club of R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Matunga visited the Taraporevala aquarium in marine lines. The volunteers left from thecollege at 10:30am. This was the first activity of the nature club and it was carried on with great gusto and enthusiasm by al the volunteers present. The volunteers saw a number of fresh water, seawater fish and other aquatic animals. There was a 150 year old sea turtle, a piranha, jellyfish,ribboneels, clownfish,red eared sliders, butterfly fish,dollar fish,various types of goldfish and many suchaquatic animals were seen there. The visit was both exhilarating and educational for the volunteers.The volunteers were also told to prepare a two page report on any one of the aquatic animals that wereseen at the aquarium.

Venue: NSS room
No. of Volunteers: 15
An activity conducted for the Natures Club Volunteers which aimed to re-create things out of waste. Various art and craft models like pen stand, showpieces etc were prepared.

3. Workshop on Eco -Ganesha
Date: 16-09- 2015
Time: 10:30 a.m to 1:00 pm
Venue: F-2
The Podar Nature`s Club and NSS unit along with Times Of India had organised a workshop on Eco Ganesha .This workshop would include making clay model of Lord Ganesha and awareness on using Eco friendly ideals.All the materials required would be provided by the Times Of India.

4. Visit to Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Date: 15th of October 2015
No. Of volunteers:26
On 15th of October 2015 26, volunteers from the Nature`s Club of R.A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics,Matunga organised a one day nature trail to Sanjay Gandhi National Park,Borivali.The Volunteers left from college at 8:00 am.The trails main attraction for the volunteers was the rich heritage of the Kanheri Caves. The volunteers were told about the history of the park as well as the kanheri caves by a official guide of the national park.The volunteers saw a no. Of species of the park like deer, monkeys, endangered spider etc. This trail gave all the students an exposure to nature and wildlife. It also helped all the students to learn about the different floura and fauna around them.The volunteers were also told to prepare a two page report on the history of the Park and Kanheri caves.

Date: 23 rd October 2015
Venue: DadarShivaji Park beach
No of volunteers: 5
Clean up drive was there in Dadar Shivaji Park were volunteers from each college and school took the initiative to clean the beach.

Commitee Member 2015-16

Faculty In-charge

Kapildeo Indurkar


Abhishek Pratap Singh

Annual Report (2014-15)

Programme - Orientation
Date - 30th July 2014,
Venue - College
The Nature Club Orientation Was Held Where The Activities Previously Conducted By The Club Were Discussed And Membership Forms Were Distributed.

Programme - Meeting
Date - 27th August 2014,
Venue - College
A Nature Club Meeting Was Conducted During Which The Volunteers Were Briefed About Nature Club Activity Schedule For The Year And Upcoming Activities Were Discussed.

Programme - Beach Clean Up
Date - 9th September 2014,
Venue - Dadar Beach
The Members Of The Nature Club Volunteered In Helping To Clean Up Dadar Beach After Ganpati Visarjan.

Programme - Nature Trek
Date - 11th October 2014,
Venue - Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
The Members Of The Nature Club Went For A Nature Trail At Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Commitee Member 2014-15

Faculty Incharge

Prof. Kapildeo Undirwade


Ms Ashna Wadhawan
Sanket Srinivasan

Proposed Activities for 2014-15

1. Each one Adopt one tree.
2. Reporting any environmental issue in the college premises.
3. Reporting any environmental issue in the premises of student residence.
4. Best out of waste projects.
5. Activities in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
6. Nature Trails/ Camps.
7. Workshops on various ecological issues.
8. Bio-composting/ Vermi-composting in college premises.
9. Screening of the nature movies/videos.
10. Poster/Nature photography competitions

Activities conducted during 2013-14

DATE : 27th JULY 2013

The nature club orientation was conducted during which the volunteers were briefed about nature club and the membership forms were distributed.

DATE : 14th OCTOBER 2013

The members of the nature club particpated in helping to clean up dadar beach after durga visarjan.


The members of the nature club participated in panda festival and took part in activities like nature trails and paper cup painting.
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