Mathematics Association of Podar (MAP)

Mathematics Association of Podar (MAP) is an interactive forum that strives to make mathematics enjoyable and interesting for the students. It is the vision of MAP to change the students' perception of mathematics from that of a dull subject to one with which they can connect easily. Lastly, MAP is a forum that is not restricted to math geeks and wizards but is for each and every Podarite.

Annual Report 2017-18 of Mathematics Association of Podar

Committee Members (2018-19):

Faculty In charge:

Prof. Asif Shaikh

Student Secretary:

Charmi Thakkar

Student Joint Secretary:

Shubham Kumbhar

Student Treasurer:

Shreepati Walawalkar

Committee Member:

Komal Jain, Asmita Jadhav, Rohan Mapuskar, Rashi Mehta, Anushka More, Purvil Kanadia, Nidhi Parab

Activities Planned for 2018-19

July 2018 – Mathematrix 2018
Mathematrix 20178 was this year’s first intercollegiate and interschool mega event organised by Maths Association of Podar on 27th and 28th of July’18.

January – 2019 Mathematrix Intra The Maths Association of Podar shall organize a mathematical event exclusively for the students of Podar – a Mathematical festival for our very own Podarites. Intra gives them a chance to showcase their hidden talent that could have easily missed if it was only at an inter collegiate level.

Committee Members (2017-18):

Faculty In charge::

Prof. Asif Shaikh

Student Secretary::

Soham Wadke

Student Joint Secretary:

Shreyas Khandare

Student Treasurer::

Smit Gada

Activities Planned for 2017-18

1st Term:
1. Screening of the movie ‘A Brilliant Young Mind(X+Y)’. The movie is about a socially awkward teenage math prodigy who finds new confidence and new friends.
2. ‘MATHEMATRIX 2017’, a 2-day inter-school and inter-collegiate mathematics based festival consisting of maths based exhibition, competitions and seminars.

2nd Term: 1. Mathematrix Intra, a 1-day intracollegiate mathematics based competition.

Annual Report 2016-17:

Saturday, 23rd July 2016
Over 85 students took out time from their studies and busy schedules to witness the screening of the documentary movie 'The Genius of Ramanujan'. This event was conducted by the Maths Association of Podar in one of the classrooms of R.A.Podar College Of Commerce and Economics on the 23rd July 2016 from 10:15 am to 11:30am. The Vice Principal of the college, Prof. Kavita Jajoo, graced the occasion by her presence. A movie screening based on the life of a great Indian mathematician, Mr.Ramanujan was just a glimmer in the eyes of the Maths Association of Podar(MAP), but became a reality due to the efforts of its members.
The movie gave insights into the life of Dr.Srinivasa Ramanujan and the genius which he possessed. It also highlighted the culture of mathematics in ancient India. The movie struck a chord with Mst. Arnav Pramanik, a student of FYJC, who remarked, "It was really fascinating to learn so much about an Indian mathematician, who, I feel after watching the movie cannot be described as anything but a gifted Genius". With the inspiration gained from the movie and the enthusiasm of the students, it was truly a day to remember. The Maths Association Of Podar rejoiced in the success of their 1st event for the academic year 2016-17.This event also proved to be a promotional affair for their upcoming Inter College and Inter School Maths Fest, Mathematrix 2016.

2. MATHEMATRIX 2016, an initiative by The Maths Association of Podar(MAP), was a two-day event conducted on the 29th and 30th of July 2016. The aim of this event was to promote Mathematics and to make it a fun subject for everyone, as compared to its common image of a dull and boring one. The footfall for the fest was approximately 5800. Around 1700 students from Schools and Colleges all over Maharashtra participated in the competitions.
With everyone's heart full of excitement, the event kicked off on the 29th of July with the Opening ceremony. Mr. Achyut Godbole, a household name in the Maharashtrian community, a renowned writer and an expert in the field of mathematics, economics and computer science, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest for the inauguration ceremony. The opening ceremony began with the brief introduction about Mathematrix by the Chairperson of the Maths Association Of Podar, Ms.Anushree Naik followed by a few words by the Vice Principal (Degree College), Mr.Natrajan. Later, Mr. Godbole began his speech, imparting a few words of wisdom to the students. His words were truly inspiring and motivating.
The exhibition was organised in the auditorium with the theme of "Maths in our Life". There were various models and informative charts kept which highlighted the application of mathematics in every aspect of life. Some notable models like Cycloid and Archery were the centre of attraction. A self-made replica of Galton's Board, originally built by the great mathematician, Sir Francis Galton was also a big hit. The volunteers were very enthusiastic while explaining all the models."It was a very great experience for us to be a part of the exhibition. Thanks to Mathematrix, public speaking is not a problem anymore", said Rasesh Thakkar & Anish Jadhav from FYJC.
On the first day various competitions were organised for school students. A quiz competition, 'Mathematrix Heptathlon: The Ultimate Maths Championship', took place in the reading hall. Over 150 school students participated in this race. The competition consisted of 7 rounds testing the mathematical and logical skills of the students. "All the students had a lot of fun and we are eagerly waiting for the next year's quiz", says Shubha Madam, a teacher from SVDD school, Ghatkopar. While 'Move with Maths' was a mathematical twist of the classic Snakes & Ladders Game, Numero Art and Paintball combined Maths and Art. The 'Mathemagician Show' by Mr. Arvind Hirlekar was a hit among students as the magic of numbers left them baffled. A seminar on Problem Solving Strategies was also organised which highlighted easier ways to solve problems. Math Maniac was a competition where students presented their research papers on various topics. All the activities on the 30th of July were conducted with equal spirit and zest. The competitions for colleges were organised on this day. 'The Battle of Bids' was a competition specifically organised for college students. It was an event where students had to make a team based on statistics and a set of mathematical formulae. All the events of the previous day like Heptathlon, Paintball, Seminars and the awe-inspiring exhibition were equally appreciated and enjoyed by the college students. The event then came to an end with the closing ceremony and prize distribution in F2.It would not be an exaggeration to say that the event was an overwhelming success.

1. Chief Guest Achyut Godbole inaugurating Mathematrix 2016

2. Students participating in a Quiz.

Committee Members (2016-17):


Anushree Naik

Vice Chairperson:

Salomi Nagarseth


Shreyas Khandare

Co ordinator:

Smit Gada

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