Mathematics Association of Podar (MAP)

Mathematics Association of Podar (MAP) is an interactive forum that strives to make mathematics enjoyable and interesting for the students. It is the vision of MAP to change the students' perception of mathematics from that of a dull subject to one with which they can connect easily. Lastly, MAP is a forum that is not restricted to math geeks and wizards but is for each and every Podarite.

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Committee Members (2016-17):


Anushree Naik

Vice Chairperson:

Salomi Nagarseth


Shreyas Khandare

Co ordinator:

Smit Gada

Committee Members (2015-16):

Faculty Incharge:

Asif Shaikh


Vidhi Ranawat

Joint Secretary:

Shivani Chheda, Anushree Naik


Shashank Sah

Activities Planned For 2015-16

Action Plan (2015-16):
1st Term: 2 Day Maths based Seminars, Exhibition and Competitions.

The flagship inter-school as well as inter-collegiate event of Maths Association of Podar and an annual tradition, Mathematrix 2015 will burst all the myths and make the students aware of the applicability of maths through exhilarating exhibition, seminars and challenging competitions.

2nd Term: 1 Day Intra-college Maths based event.

A mathematical quiz to enhance the knowledge of maths.

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