Post Bearers for 2017-18:-

Faculty In charge:

Mrs Manjusha Sawant  

Student Secretary

Ritika Gupta 8767732242

Student Joint Secretary

Nicole Pereira

Student Treasurer

Chitra Nair

Activities Planned for 2017-18

1st Term:
Publishing the magazine

Annual Report 2017-18 of The Magazine Forum.

Post Bearers for 2016-17:-

Chief Editor

Dr. (Mrs.) Shobana Vasudevan 

Professor In charge

Mrs. Pradnya Nadkarni  

Student Editors

Swapnil Gaikwad and Shruti Dhage

Deputy Editor

Vaibhavi Dusi

Annual Report: 2015-16:

The Magazine Committee began its work by the end of June 2015 wherein the editor and the deputy editors were appointed and new members were introduced to the committee. During the months of July and August publicity through word of mouth and posters inviting articles, stories and paintings was done with the bifurcation of team into editorial and creative departments.

During the next two months finalisation of various articles, pictures, annual and academic reports were undertaken. The selected theme for the magazine was ‘360 degree development’. The theme basically gives an insight of the development of the student through college life. Various other activities regarding the layout and proof reading were undertaken during the next few months.

Finally in the month of December the first colour proof reading of the magazine was done followed by the second colour proof read in the month of January. The magazine was scheduled to be released by the end of January, 2015.

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