Life Enrichment Centre

The Life Enrichment Centre (LEC) aims at adding a sentimental value in the lives of the present and the future generations. Moving beyond good health and personal growth, it focuses on achieving overall wellness thus, enriching not only your life but also of those around you.
The LEC organises workshops and guest lectures for students to enhance their way of thinking and life a more meaningful life.
After all, “Purpose Fuels Passion”.

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Annual Report 2017-18 of Life Enrichment Centre.


Teacher in Charge

Dr. Amitha Sehgal

Student Secretary

Mihika Borkar
Mobile No.: 9820934966
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Student Joint Secretary

1. Shivani Borole (9022726678)
2. Akshay Fegade (9967732660)

Student Treasurer

Smit Patil

Student Coordinator

Ojus Tambe

Executive Members

Rohit Satish,
Ritik Mangla,
Bhupen Lalwani

Activities Planned For 2018-19

1st Term
1. Mind Storming
2. Workshop on –
   a) Time Management,
   b) Self Confidence &
   c) Positive Self Image.
3. World Mental Health Day 4. Daily Online Kindness Challenge

2nd Term
1. Mind Storming (Continued)
2. Workshop On:
   a) Empathy & Kindness
   b) Goals
   c) Vision Board
3. Community Outreach
4. Talk

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