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Faculty In charge

Mrs. Neeraja Dhulekar

Student Secretary

Arpit Hemani

Student Joint Secretary

Mahek Mathrawala , Bhavya Shah

Student Treasurer

Tanvi Tabhade

Executive Members

Jinal Shah , Sasha Pullikan

Activities Planned for 2016-17:

1st Term: Spin a Yarn , Hindi Diwas
2nd Term: Hindi Translation Event , Treasure Hunt , Geet Bahar

Activities conducted during the year 2015-16:

The Hindi Literary Circle began its activities with a grand celebration of Hindi Bhasha Diwas on 14th Sept. 2015.The renowned poet and actor of Hindi and Marathi Film Industry Shri Kishor Kadam inaugurated the activities of the Hindi Literary Circle for the academic year 2015-2016 by lighting the lamp. Principal Dr Shobana Vasudevan welcomed him with a bouquet of flowers and memento.
Mr Kishor Kadam spoke about his passion for acting and the guidance he got from different gurus like Pandit Satyadev Dubey. He described his struggle and achievements. The chairperson Ms Neeraja Dhulekar interviewed him. In the course of his interview he spoke about his poetry and recited some verses to the delight of the audience. He enacted a monologue by late Shri Sharad Joshi.
Around 20-25 students of our college got the opportunity to showcase their talents. They recited poems of the legendary Hindi poets such as Harivanshrai Bachhan, Dhumil and Manglesh Dabral. They sang the famous Hindi Bhasha song and also read out an extract from Munshi Premchand’s novel “Godaan”. This event included perfomances such as monoact, monologues and a social skit by the rising talent of R.A.PODAR COLLEGE.

The Hindi Literary Circle conducted an essay writing competition on the 23rd of January. The competition roughly had 25 participants from both, Junior and Degree College.
The number of students who participated in this competition were around 25 and the winners of this competition were:-

1st prize:-Ritika Tiwari (FYJC D)
2nd prize:-Nishant Dange (FYJC C)
3rd prize:-Sasha Pullikan (FYJC C)

Last but not the least, the Hindi Literary circle brought back the most awaited event of our college “GEET BAHAR’16”. This event was conducted on 2nd February 2016. The chief guest of this event was our very own ex podarite Shri Shashi Vyas. Along with him we were honoured to have Mr.Amit Raj Sawant (winner of Dadasaheb Phadke award), and Mr. Aditya Pathekar as our guest of honour. As we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee Year of our College, the students presented Bollywood Hindi songs right from the year of 1941 to 2015. This celebration was graced by the presence of our ex-podarites namely Mr.Clinton Cerejo, Ms.Pooja Gaitonde and Mrs.Dipalee Somaiya Date.We were glad that they all took out some time from their busy schedule to sing on the same dais from where they started their singing career and became well known personalities in the industry of music. Overall 20 students showcased their singing talents. Abhishek Nalawade, Maitreya Joshi, Sahil Joshi, Purva Ranade, Ashutosh Velankar etc enchanted the audience with their soulful voices. The three hour musical saga presenting songs of the last 75 years concluded by giving a tribute to our Oscar winning star “A.R.RAHMAN” and was appreciated by all.
On the whole all the planned activities were successfully conducted throughout the year with great participation of the students and prompt help and encouragement from our principal Dr. Mrs.Shobna Vasudevan.



Mrs. Neeraja Dhulekar

Joint Secretary

Arpit Hemani
Sanket Srinivasan


Sanket Srinivasan
Vineet Shah

Activities conducted during the year 2014-15:

The Hindi Literary Circle, also called 'Udaan' was one of the most active forums of the year 2014-15. It saw excellent participation from students across all batches in the several events that it organized and successfully conducted.

The forum began by conducting an essay writing competition organised in the month of August. The topics covered a wide arena, where different brains could use their imaginations to come up with interesting articles. The competition roughly had 30 participants from both, Junior and Degree Colleges.

Hindi Literary Circle, having its prime motive to contribute towards every festival of college also helped in the celebration of Ganesh Utsav. On Teachers Day, A skit named was presented by the students under the banner of HLC, also there was an elocution competition which was conducted under English Literary Circle and HLC. This skit was appreciated by all viewers.

Hindi Literary Circle celebrated 'Hindi Diwas' on 15th of September. 'Hindi Diwas' was a 2 hour programme which was conducted in remembrance of the diverse history of hindi language. It was a programme which saw many performances by the students such as street play, music, poem recitation and much more. It was an enthralling experience which was a tribute to our mother tongue through the several performances that were presented. Special thanks to Principal Mam, Vice-Principal Junior College & Degree College for her help and support.

"Hindi Diwas"
on 15th of September, 2015

"Hindi Diwas"
on 15th of September, 2015

"Hindi Diwas"
on 15th of September, 2015

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