Gujarati Literary Circle

Gujarati Literary Circle aims at promoting the culture, lifestyle and language of Gujarat through various events. It establishes unity amongst the students of the college and is open to everyone be it Gujaratis or non Gujaratis.

Committee Members (2018-19):

Faculty In-charge:

Mrs. Karishma Khadiwala

Student Secretary :

Khyati Mehta (8454844581)

Student Joint Secretary :

Mann Shah (9821038888)

Student Treasurer :

Snehal Parmar (9152143088)
Anisha Vora (9167687108)

Annual Report 2017-18 of Gujarati Literary Circle.

Activities Planned for 2018-19:

  • Vato Na Vada
  • Bol Bachan
  • Navratri Celebrations
  • Aaswad
  • Stage Show

Activities Planned for 2017-18:

1st Term:

  • Aaswaad
  • Literary competitions
  • Guest lecture
  • Navratri

2nd Term:
  • Treasure hunt
  • Literary Competition
  • Movie screening

Annual Report 2016-17:

Gujarati literary circle started with its first event “Aaswaad” which was the very first food festival of Podar College. Food items like jalebifafda, dhokla, khandvi, thepla, bhel, jaljirapaani were amongst the delicious food items that were sold. Gujaratis as well as Non Gujaratis had come together to volunteer the event by serving the food items to the students of the college. Students, teachers and staff members had attended the event.After the very successful flagship event “Aaswaad “, the forum organised a literary competition “vaatonnavada”(spin-A-yarn) where the pair of students had to spin a story out of the photos that flashed on the screen. The winners were the ones who spinned the most interesting stories. Later the forum organised “Navratri”, the festival that is close to every Gujarati’s heart. The Maharashtra Times had covered the event. The students had come to enjoy the event in a large number. The event started of with the navratri aarti and later garba was played by the students as well as teachers.

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