Gujarati Literary Circle

Gujarati Literary Circle aims at promoting the culture, lifestyle and language of Gujarat through various events. It establishes unity amongst the students of the college and is open to everyone be it Gujaratis or non Gujaratis.

Committee Members (2019-20):

Faculty In-charge:

Ms. Karishma Khadiwala

Student Secretary :

Mann Shah

Student Joint Secretary :

Dhruvil Kanadia, Namrata Shah

Student Treasurer :

Meet Nisar, Vriddhi Chauhan

Executive Members :

Abhishek Shah, Anisha vora, Nishita Thakkar, Jenil Shah, Utkarshini Rajput

Activities Planned for 2019-20:

1st Term

  • Newspaper reading
  • Aawad
  • Vato na vada
2nd Term
  • Navratri
  • Stand up comedian & Poetry
  • Fun fare

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