Group Discussion Cell

The Group Discussion Cell (GDC) conducts seminars, workshops and intra-college Group Discussions (GDs) for Degree College and Junior College. Topics range from Socio-eco-political, abstract to corporate. It also organizes & hosts ‘Spectrum’, one of the flagship events of inter-collegiate literary extravaganza ‘Rostrum Spectrum’.

Why should you be here?
  • To hone your listening, communication, leadership & most importantly team skills
  • To prepare you for B- School GD rounds.

Activate yourself, Be Analytical, Be Evaluative, Be a part of The Group Discussion Cell

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Committee members (2017-18):

Faculty In-charge:

Mrs. Karishma Khadiwala

Student Secretary:

Abhay Kothari

Student Joint Secretary :

1) Utkarshini
2) Eshan

Student Treasurer :

1) Mayuresh
2) Sasha

Executive Members: (if any)

Alka, Manasi, Ameya, Reuben, Henna, Raseeka, Rashi, Roshwell, Smruti

Activities Planned for 2017-18:-

1st Term:

  • Jr. College: GD Eliminations & Semi – Finals
  • Degree College: GD Eliminations

2nd Term:
  • Jr. College: GD Finals
  • Degree College: Finals
  • Rostrum Spectrum

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