Deutsch Literary Circle :

Deutsch Literary Circle (or known by its German name: Deutsch LiteraturKreis) is one of the newest forums in Podar. We at DLC aim to organize excited, fun-filled events that make the participants know about the German language and culture.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a super skilled Hochdeutsch speaker or just a novice with no idea about German language. As long as you’re highly interested, the events for DLC are tailor-made for you!

Facebook page ELC:

Committee Members (2017-18):

Faculty In-charge:

Milind Sant

Student Secretary :

Preeta Pingley (9870864663)
Nishka Samant (9920188530)

Student Treasurer :

Taran Paulus

Executive Members :

Chitra Nair
Tarang Paradkar
Juee Joshi
Nicole Pereira
Rhea Philip
Ridhi Dubal
Ummehani N.
Darlet Lasrado

Activities Planned for 2017-18

1st Term:
1)1st movie screening
2)A quiz testing the students' knowledge about Germany
3)Word game

2nd Term:
1)2nd movie screening
2)Word game

Annual Report for 2016-17

Deutsch Literatur Kreis

Teacher In-Charge: Milind Sant
Secretaries: Chitra Nair and Tarang Paradkar
Treasurer: Adesh Purandare

Movie Screening conducted by the Deutsch Literary Circle on 6th August, 2016:
"On 6th August, 2016, the Deutsch Literary Circle of Podar conducted its first ever event as a new forum of Podar. DLC conducted a screening of the film, “The Great Escape” in S1 Classroom at 11:30 a.m. The three-hour-long movie was set during the Second World War period and based on a true story. The screening was attended and enjoyed by the students and teachers alike. As many as 42 students turned up for the screening, which was a very good turnout."

"Spiel des Wortes" on 24th August, 2016:
On 24th August, 2016, the Deutsch Literary Circle of Podar conducted its second event, "Spiel des Wortes". Spiel des Wortes (Word Games in English) commenced at 11:00 a.m. sharp in the classroom F4. The event began with an elimination round, a quiz on the culture of Germany. After the eliminations, the following three rounds were conducted: VierBilder, Ein Wort (Four Pictures, One Word): Here, the qualified teams were shown four pictures. The participants had to see the pictures, find out what was common in them and guess the correct picture. Pictionary: Here, the one of participants from each team had to choose a chit which had a word written on it. Then, that participant had to draw the word on the board, while the other participant had to guess it. Guess From The Translation: Here, the participants were given the German translations of famous Bollywood songs and Bollywood/Hollywood movies and they had to guess the correct Hindi/English translations. Out of the 12 teams participating, 8 teams qualified for the three rounds.

“Art Attack" conducted during Christmas:
On a quest to do something hatke, the Foreign Literary Circle’s Deutsch LiteraturKreis unleashed its third event called “Art Attack” on 26th December, 2016. What was unique about Art Attack was that it was a completely online event, which was a first for the forum. As we all know it, Christmas is one festival that plays a major role in the delightful German culture. Therefore, with the theme as “Christmas”, the participants of the contest had to create greeting cards and send them by 10th of January, 2017. The Forum received a surprising amount of card entries. Each entry was a unique, colourful one in its own way. Some contained vibrant drawings, which nodded towards the highlights of German culture. Some, on the other hand, infused innovative crafts to add a unique touch to the greeting card. Amidst this tough competition, Harsha Singh, Nirali Shah and SudeshnaRege emerged as the clear winners of the contest.

“Goodbye Lenin – Movie Screening" conducted on 17th January, 2017: On 17th January, 2017, the Foreign Literary Circle’s Deutsch LiteraturKreis conducted its second movie screening – of the reputed German film, “Goodbye Lenin” in S1 classroom at 11 a.m. Goodbye Lenin is a delightful tragicomedy set against the backdrop of German Reunification. It portrays the heart-warming relationship between an ailing mother and her dutiful son, who tries to hide the truth about the Reunification from his mother through dramatic (if not hilarious) ways. After a brief informative session about the German reunification period, the movie began. As many as 35 students from FYJC, FYBCom, SYBCom and TYBCom turned up for the screening, which added to the diversity of the event.

Committee Members (2016-17):

Faculty In-charge:

Milind Sant

Student Secretary :

Chitra Nair
Mobile number: 9867735046
Tarang Paradkar

Student Treasurer :

Adesh Purandare

Activities Planned for 2016-17:-

1st Term:
  • Movie Screening: “The Great Escape”
  • Word Games

2nd Term:
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Second Movie Screening: “Goodbye Lenin”
  • Follows us our servcies