Deutsch Literary Circle :

Deutsch Literary Circle (or known by its German name: Deutsch LiteraturKreis) is one of the newest forums in Podar. We at DLC aim to organize excited, fun-filled events that make the participants know about the German language and culture.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a super skilled Hochdeutsch speaker or just a novice with no idea about German language. As long as you’re highly interested, the events for DLC are tailor-made for you!

Facebook page ELC:

Committee Members (2016-17):

Faculty In-charge:

Milind Sant

Student Secretary :

Chitra Nair
Mobile number: 9867735046
Tarang Paradkar

Student Treasurer :

Adesh Purandare

Activities Planned for 2016-17:-

1st Term:
  • Movie Screening: “The Great Escape”
  • Word Games

2nd Term:
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Second Movie Screening: “Goodbye Lenin”
  • Follows us our servcies