1. Students submitting the original documents in the college office should keep sufficient photocopy of the same.

2. Students must read the notices put up on notice board of the college

3. Students must regularly check college website for updates

4. Students should contact office staff for any queries

A Podarite is one who stands tall among all men, distinguished by his/ her scholarship, versatility and above all DISCIPLINE and DIGNITY. Students must therefore take special care to observe the following rules:-

1 Attendance at lectures, tutorials and practicals if any is compulsory. A student has to attend college as per ordinance O.6086 of the University of Mumbai. For details, please refer to.
Check Pdf
2 Students are required to wear their identity card when they are in the college campus and must produce it whenever called upon to do so by the authorities
3 Conduct of the students in the class as well as in the campus shall be such as will cause no disturbance to fellow students, teachers or to other classes.
4 Students must not loiter about or congregate in and around the college premises while the classes are in progress.
5 Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the college that will, in any way, interfere with the orderly functioning of the college.
6 Mobile phones if any, shall be switched off on the college campus. If found using it, the student will be liable to have his/her mobile phone confiscated or will have to face any disciplinary action taken by the college authorities.
7 Students are prohibited from carrying mobile phones into the examination hall. Carrying of mobile phones into the examination hall amounts to unfair means.
8 In the name of the college or premises of the college, no society, association, organization etc. shall be formed, no collection be made, no tickets be sold, no function or meeting be held, no person be invited to address the students, no socials be arranged, nothing be printed and/or circulated without the written permission of the Principal. No notice shall be put up on the notice boards (including Blackboards) or announcements be made without the Principal’s written permission of the persons authorised in the matter concerned.
9 Students should, in their own interest, read the notices placed on the notice boards from time to time.
10 Every association / organization formed under the auspices of the college is in charge of a Faculty Member nominated by the Principal. Students shall submit all the relevant notices, applications, budgets, accounts, annual reports etc. only through the concerned Faculty Member.
11 All meetings, functions, programmes and official outings of the authorised and duly constituted associations, societies, councils etc. of the college must be organised / conducted under the supervision and control of the Chairman with prior written permission of the Principal. However, the college shall not be responsible for any untoward incident that may occur on such occasions.

Students are required to note that they are not permitted to organise class / group picnics, socials and outings in the name of the college. Disciplinary action will be taken against the organizer and those who accompany them.

Agenda of meetings, subjects of debates and guest lectures arranged by the various authorized associations of the college must have the prior written approval of the Principal. No unauthorized person shall arrange any activity within or outside our premises in the name of the college.

Any matter published in the college magazine, wall paper, news letter and the Press must have the prior written approval of the Principal. Any publication without the prior written approval of the Principal shall be treated as unauthorized.
12 Students must not indulge in political work in the college premises.
13 Students should not communicate without prior permission of the Principal, any information, or write any information or write about any matter concerning / regarding the college administration to the Press / outside agencies.
14 If the continuance of a student in the college is detrimental to the best interests or discipline of the college, the Principal may direct such a student to leave the college. The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the student concerned.
15 Students joining the college are required to abide by all the Rules, Regulations and Instructions that are issued by the college authorities from time to time and to sumbit to the normal enforcement of the same to the satisfaction of the college authorities, whose decision in all matters shall be final.
16 All the Departments of the college, Gymkhana, Library, Extra- Curricular etc. will work according to the rules made from time to time by the concerned competent authority.
17 Students are required to note that ‘SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE COLLEGE CAMPUS’. Defaulters will be liable for disciplinary action.
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