Accounts and Finance Circle of Podar

“Manage you’re Accounts and Tally your Future”

Accounts And Finance Circle of Podar aims at promoting various dimensions of accounting and finance apart from the curriculum and helping students realize the wide spread horizons of accounting and finance course.The main aim of this forum is to inculcate the love of accounting and finance in young and budding minds of students and encourage innovation and research in accounts and finance through sharing of ideas through events, talks and group discussions with likeminded people, academicians and scholars.

Annual Report 2017-18 of Accounts and Finance Circle of Podar.

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Committee (2018-19) :

Faculty In-charge:

Mrs. Sunita Panja

Student Secretary :

Nikita Tanksali 7715893710

Student Joint Secretary :

Aditya Chitale, Shreepati Walawalkar

Student Treasurer :

Vrushali Patkar

Activities Planned for 2018-19:-

1st Term:
  • Finacc Inter
  • Quiz-o-ccounts

2nd Term:
  • Business Analyst
  • Esploro Prezentado
  • Etude de cas

Committee (2017-18) :

Faculty In-charge:

Mrs Sunita Rai

Student Secretary :

Sameeka Samal 8291410864

Student Joint Secretary :

Aditya Chitale

Student Treasurer :

Nikita Tanksali

Activities Planned for 2017-18:-

1st Term:
  • Finacc Inter 2017

2nd Term:
  • Finacc Intra

Annual Report 2016-17:

Entering into its 3rd year, AFCP stepped on another milestone when it became successful in getting over 100 registrations for its intercollegiate event and for Despite it being only the second year of intercollegiate “FINACC 2016!” AFCP got approached by “Akashwani” radio for media coverage on their morning show!
The second intercollegiate event of Accounts and Finance Circle of Podar, FINACC 2016! Intercollegiate was successfully conducted on 6th August 2016. FINACC 2016! Intercollegiate was an accounting and finance fest encompassing three interesting events, namely, Quiz-o-ccounts, EsploroPrezentado and Business Analyst.
For the year 2016-17, Challenge Accepted! Was a newly introduced intracollegiate online competition. Mr. Kumar VS, an eminent chartered accountant and an Ex-Podarite, approached Principal of the college Mrs. ShobanaVasudevan, that he wanted to test the accounting and financial knowledge of current batch of commerce students. This, in turn, paved the way to ‘Challenge Accepted!’ – A hunt for Podar’s Accounting Guru.

Committee (2016-17) :

Faculty In-charge:

Mrs Sunita Rai

Student Secretary :

Tanaya Deshpande, T. Y. Bcom
Mobile: 9930846060,

Student Joint Secretary :

Mruga Dhavale, T. Y. Bcom,
Preet Zatakia, T. Y. Bcom

Student Treasurer :

Sameeka Samal, S.Y. Bcom

Executive Members :

Sonali Chawla, Anushka Barve, Kinjal Surti, Akshata Nayak, Shweta Rajhans, Gagan Bihani, Aditya Chitale

Activities conducted by the during the year 2015-16:-
The academic year 2015-16 was an eventful year for AFCP. Being only the second year since its inception, AFCP proudly and successfully hosted its first intercollegiate event “FINACC 2015!” . Two other successful events followed this huge event; ITR filing seminar and camp and FINACC- Intra 2016!
This year started with an opening ceremony which gave us a freshly formed committee of AFCP and eager volunteers.

FINACC 2015!- An Intercollegiate event: 28th August 2015

1. Inaugration of FINACC 2015!
The planning for this event started as early as in June 2015 with a committee of 12 members and as many as 45 volunteers working in various departments namely Creativity, Sponsorship, Promotion, Content and Administration.
The event was inaugurated by our Honorable Principal Dr. Mrs. Shobhana Vasudevan.
The event comprised of 2 sub events:
Quiz-O-ccounts: a fun-filled accounting quiz with a treasure hunt
EsploroPrezentado: a research paper presentation contest

2. Participants engrossed during round 2 of Quiz-o-ccounts
During the event, a seminar was also conducted by our sponsors “My CFO” on the topic Career Opportunities in Chartered Accountancy and Finance apart from the CA Practice.

3. Seminar by the dignitaries of My CFO
As many as 23 colleges, ie 30 teams (60-65 participants) participated in this event.

“FINACC- Intra 2016!”- 16th January 2016
Organized during mid January it was an event for all the excited Podarite Accounting minds who were very interested to participate themselves after organizing the grand intercollegiate event.
This event consisted of 2 sub events: Quiz-O-ccounts and Esploro Prezentado
Throughout the year, our team met to keep the students abreast with the latest happenings across the globe and to take the subject of finance and accounts to a whole new level through discussions and meetings.

4. Winner of FINACC Intra being felicitated by Prof-in-charge Sunita Punja
Participation and representation of AFCP members in other intercollegiate events:
Epsilon 2015: Research Paper competition organized by NM College. Committee members of AFCP (Niket Thakkar and DhavalKoradia) participated in the event and won the First Place. Arthgyaan- Eco Talk: Paper presentation competition(Eco Talk) organized by R. N. Jhunjhunwala college. Post bearers of AFCP (ShashankSah and Tanaya Deshpande) participated in the event and won the First Place.
Closing Ceremony of AFCP for the year took place on 13th February 2016.

Initiative of the year:
ITR filing Seminar:
An ITR filing seminar was organized on 28th July 2015. It was an open seminar to educate our fellow students as well as interested outsiders on how easy it is to file an ITR. The seminar followed by a practical filing session was given by Prof. Pradeep Kamthekar.

Committee (2015-16) :

Faculty In-charge:

Mrs Sunita Rai

Student Secretary :

Shashank Sah

Student Joint Secretary :

Tanaya Deshpande, Neel Jobanputra

Student Treasurer :

Mruga Dhavale ,Vaidehi Barde

Activities conducted by the during the year 2014-15:-

1). Quiz-o-ccounts

With the inauguration we were all set with the 1st event of AFCP i.e. QUIZ-O-CCOUNTS.
A quizzing competition which was a perfect blend of Accounting with Fun. A total of 54 students from Junior and Degree College participated for the event.
Quiz-o-ccounts served a unique experience to all the participants who found it exhilarating and enjoyable.

2). Acton
AFCP represented R.A. Podar College in an intercollegiate event organized by Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar.
Ms. Komal Sanghvi, Mr. Shashank Sah and Mr. Silvester Joshua

3). Mathematrix
Accountancy and Mathematics are cognate sciences. To demonstrate this, AFCP had presented a presentation in Mathematrix 2014, an Intercollegiate Maths fest organized by Maths Association of Podar.

4).EsploroPrezentado: Guest Lecture
The guest lecture was conducted on 12th December 2014. The resource person was Prof. Dr. (CA). Pradeep Kamthekar enlightening the students about Basics of presentation.

5).Esploro Prezentado: Event
A Brilliant start to the New Year ‘2015’! The participants made excellent presentations on various topics exploring the varied dimensions of Accountancy and Finance. The event was conducted on 17th January 2015 and was judged by our Respected Prof. Dr. (CA) Pradeep Kamthekar.
Winning Team:
Mr. Shashank Sah and Mr. Neel Jobanputra

Runner-up Team
Ms. Tanaya Deshpande and Ms. Mruga Dhavle

Committee: 2014-15

Faculty Incharge:

Mrs Sunita Rai

Secretary :

Komal Sanghavi

Joint Secretary :

Pradnya Shirdhankar
Shashank Shah

Treasurer :

Vineet Shah

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